After the Storm

Flood Photo

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm or a fire can be a scary thing.  Whether you sheltered in place or evacuated, facing storm damage to your home can be devastating.  If your home is unhabitable, you may need to seek out temporary shelter.  Many people never had to file a claim on their insurance before and not knowing what to do can be very stressful. 

Here are some basic things you should do immediately after the storm:

  • Contact your homeowners insurance agent or company to report the loss. Even if you have a NCIUA separate windstorm or hail policy in addition to your homeowners policy, your primary homeowners insurer will investigate and adjust the claim, if you have a windstorm or hail loss. Be patient as the insurer will likely be dealing with a large number of claims.  
  • Make a list of the damages and take clear pictures before you make any temporary repairs.
  • Do what you can to stop further damage from happening.  An example of this would be to place a tarp on your roof to prevent water from coming into the house. Keep receipts because your reasonable expenses to protect your property are part of the loss and may be reimbursed by your insurance company.     
  • Make temporary repairs so further damage doesn't occur and keep your receipts.  Do not make permanent repairs until your insurance company has had a chance to inspect the damage and you have agreed on the cost of the repairs. Check with your insurance company before you dispose of damaged materials or items.
  • If your home is unhabitable, check with your insurance company to determine which expenses will be reimbursed.