Request a Speaker

The North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) Speakers Bureau is here to educate the public about all the services provided at NCDOI.

Insurance affects our everyday lives in so many ways. We buy insurance to protect our cars, our houses and property. We use insurance to take care of medical bills when illness comes, and to protect our loved ones in case we pass away too soon.

People always want to know more about insurance whether it is for themselves or to help a family member or a best friend who have questions. People want to know about their own policy, company or agent. Many wonder how new federal laws might affect us or how state regulations may help or hurt, and how Medicare works. The questions just go on and on.

Here’s the thing – what we do at NCDOI may surprise you!

Our NCDOI Speakers Bureau is available to speak to your group and we have experts waiting to get you answers to your insurance questions. 

It may be a single speaker – or an entire panel – whatever it takes to make sure people know how simple it is to reach us and that we are here to help!

  • To whom do we typically speak? Civic groups, retiree groups interested in Medicare questions, local Chambers of Commerce, and church groups providing a civic service for members.
  • Where do we go? All over the state. We are dedicated to reaching all the citizens in North Carolina who want to learn more about insurance. We’re here to help. Wherever.
  • Why do we do this? We feel strongly that what we do and what we provide the citizens of North Carolina is important. We believe the basic knowledge and education we provide consumers not only protects our families -- it helps keep insurance premiums low.

We hope you will request that a member of the NCDOI Speakers Bureau come speak to your group and tell our story and help the members of your organization better understand insurance.

Please contact Marcia Kelly or Mendy Greenwood today to schedule an event at or