Financial Examination Reports

1st Atlantic Surety Co 2013 ROE
AIMCO Mutual Ins Co 2013 ROE
Alamance Farmers' Mutual Ins Co 2015 Roe
Americas 1st Choice Ins Co NC 2014 ROE
Atlantic Casualty Ins Co 2014 ROE
Bankers Life Ins Co 2017 ROE
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Senior Health
Builders Mutual Ins Co 2013 ROE
Builders Premier Ins Co 2013 ROE
Carolina Farmers Mutual Ins Co Combined 2015 Roe
Carolina Mutual Ins Inc 2015 Roe
Carolinas Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors SI Fund 2013 Roe
Central Farmers Mutual Insurance 2017 ROE
Century Mutual Insurance Company
Century Mutual Insurance Company 2017 Roe
Cigna Dental Health of NC 2014 ROE
Cigna HealthCare of NC Inc 2013 ROE
Colorado Bankers Life Ins Co 2015 ROE
Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas Inc 2013 ROE
Davidson County Mutual Ins Co 2017 ROE
Dealers Choice Mutual Ins, Inc 2013 ROE
Delta Dental of NC ROE 2016
Edgecombe Farmers Mutual Fire Ins Co - 2014 ROE
Farm Bureau Insurance Group 2017 Final Roe
Farmers Mutual Cleveland 2017 ROE
Farmers Mutual Granville ROE 2016
First Benefits Ins Mutual Inc 2013 ROE
First Mutual Ins Co 2014 ROE
FirstCarolinaCare Ins Co 2013 ROE
Forestry Mutual Ins Co 2014 ROE
Fresenius Health Plans of North Carolina, Inc
Genworth Mortgage Insurance Group 2016 Roe
Halifax Mutual Ins Co 2015 Roe
Integon Casualty Ins Co 2014 ROE
Integon General Ins Corp 2014 ROE
Integon Indemnity Corp 2014 ROE
Integon National Ins Co 2014 Roe
Integon Preferred Ins Co 2014 Roe
Investors Title Ins Co 2014 Roe
Key Risk Ins Co 2013 ROE
Laywers Mutual Liability Ins Co Of NC 2016 Roe
Maiden Specialty Ins Co 2014 Roe
Medical Mutual Ins Co Of NC 2015 Roe
Medical Security Ins Co 2015 Roe
Members Ins Co 2014 Roe
NC Grange Mutual Ins Co 2013 ROE
NC Mutual Life Ins Co 2015 ROE
NCHE Workers Comp Fund Inc 2013 Roe
New South Ins Co 2014 Roe
North Carolina Operators SI Fund 2013 Roe
Northwest Farmers Mutual Inc Co ROE 2016
Occidental Fire and Casualty Co Of NC 2014 Roe
Republic Mortgage Guaranty Ins Corp 2016 Roe
Republic Mortgage Ins Co 2016 Roe
Rowan Mutual Fire Ins Co 2017 ROE
SECU Life Ins Co 2013 ROE
Securitas Financial Life Ins 2015 ROE
Southland National Ins Corp 2015 ROE
Stonewood Ins Co 2013 ROE
Stonewood Ins Co 2014 Roe
Synergy Insurance Company 2017 Roe
UnitedHealthCare of NC 2014 ROE
Universal Ins Co 2014 ROE
Wilshire Ins Co 2014 Roe