Become a Bail Bondsman or Runner

License Requirements and Qualifications

Find information about obtaining a license in Chapter 58 Article 71.

Pre-licensing Requirements

Applicants must complete 12 hours of pre-licensing education with an approved provider. The pre-licensing providers currently approved for instruction are:

Submit an Application

Additional Documents Required to Submit

  • Print off Fingerprint Release and Electronic Fingerprint Release form locate at:
  • Pre-licensing Education – All applicants that do not hold an active bail bond license are required to complete 12 hours of Pre-licensing Education (PLE) with an approved PLE Provider. Upon PLE course completion, the approved PLE Provider will issue a certificate of PLE completion, and a copy of this certificate must be submitted with the application for a license.
  • A copy of your current valid North Carolina driver’s license or valid North Carolina identification card issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • At least two (2) of the following documents:
    • A pay stub showing your residential address in North Carolina
    • A utility bill showing your residential address in North Carolina
    • A receipt for personal property taxes or real property taxes paid by you to a North Carolina unit of local government showing your residential address in North Carolina
    • A monthly or quarterly statement showing your residential address in North Carolina and issued by a financial institution for an account held by you.
  • A copy of one of the following documents:
    • High school diploma
    • General Educational Development (GED) certificate (certified copy)
    • High school transcript (certified copy) NOTE: If submitting a copy of the high school diploma.
  • To upload all required documents: (NIPR Warehouse)
  • For additional forms go to: