Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Insurance Commissioner Causey welcomes Arch Capital to N.C.

Jul 24, 2018

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey today welcomed Arch Capital Services new division headquarters to North Carolina. Commissioner Causey advocates for more companies to come to the state to bring more competition, more product choices and better rates. This helps both the consumer and companies in N.C.

"From day one, I have insisted on a business and consumer-friendly environment for insurance companies in North Carolina," Commissioner Causey said upon learning of the company's decision to pick Wake County over Atlanta as its hub. "Arch Capital’s decision to invest in the state and bring 365 jobs to our region lines up with my vision for economic well-being for the insurance industry and consumers in North Carolina."

Both the News & Observer and WRAL- TV reported Arch Capital’s decision to make a $12.9 million capital investment in a consolidated operations hub in the region. The company already employs 575 people in the state.

Arch Capital, headquartered in Bermuda, has offices across the world. It sells mortgage insurance, reinsurance, and other specialty types of insurance.

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