Friday, July 7, 2023

Commissioner Causey names Angela Hatchell as Senior Deputy Commissioner Hatchell will oversee Agent Services, Consumer Services and Regional Directors in new role

Jul 7, 2023

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey has named Angela Hatchell as senior deputy commissioner of the Agent Services, Consumer Services and Regional Director divisions. 

“Angela Hatchell has been a devoted and inspiring leader at the department for nearly a quarter of a century,” Commissioner Causey said. “I am fully confident that she will expertly and effectively lead in this new role and we look forward to her continued service to the department and to the state.” 

Hatchell initially joined the department in 1999 as a complaint analyst, receiving two promotions before being named deputy commissioner of the Agent Services Division, her most recent role. As senior deputy commissioner she will work to oversee and manage all three of these divisions. 

The department’s Consumer Services Division aims to respond promptly, clearly and courteously to consumers' insurance-related questions and complaints, assist consumers in resolving complaints whenever possible and to help them understand options for dealing with insurance-related matters. 

The Agent Services Division protects the general public by ensuring that individuals representing the insurance industry have an adequate knowledge and possess the moral and ethical characteristics necessary to operate in a fiduciary capacity. 
Regional directors serve the citizens, agents and governmental officials in any and all matters in ten regions of the state. 

“I am excited about this new position, which will give me the opportunity to continue to be a consumer advocate and to continue to work with individuals in the insurance industry,” Hatchell said. “I am also excited to expand my knowledge of all aspects of insurance and non-insurance business entities from assisting consumers, working with licensees and interacting with agents.”

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