Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Friday Health Plan policyholders must select new coverage by Aug. 31 to avoid a gap in coverage

Aug 2, 2023

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey announced today that Friday Health Plans of North Carolina Inc. (FHP-NC) was placed into receivership, effective July 16, to protect North Carolina policyholders. Liquidation of FHP-NC will occur Sept. 1.

FHP-NC policyholders must choose a new exchange health insurance plan by Aug. 31 to avoid a gap in health insurance coverage.

  • Health insurance coverage for people who have a plan from FHP-NC will end on Aug. 31.
  • The Department of Insurance has coordinated with the U.S. Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight to implement a special enrollment period for members to select another exchange health plan.
  • The special enrollment period began on July 2 and ends on Oct. 30.
  • People who want coverage starting on Sept. 1, must enroll in a new plan by Aug. 31.
  • Individuals who enroll after Aug. 31, will have their coverage start on the first of the month after enrolling in a new plan.

To assist FHP-NC policyholders with this transition, Commissioner Causey welcomes insurers offering health plans on the federally facilitated exchange to work with the Department to honor deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums that FHP-NC members have already accumulated for 2023.  So far, one insurer has volunteered to do so:

AmeriHealth Caritas has announced that it will honor the payments FHP-NC members have already made toward their 2023 plan year deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums if they join AmeriHealth Caritas Next in North Carolina during the special enrollment period through Oct. 30.

Impact to health care providers
Providers should continue to service all FHP-NC members and should not demand payment other than the proper cost share associated with the medical service and relevant health plan. Providers will be paid for all covered claims for services performed by Aug. 31.

FHP-NC is a subsidiary of the Friday Health Group. The Friday Health Group is Colorado-based and provides health coverage to individuals and families in multiple states. Other states have placed subsidiaries of the Friday Health Group into receivership.

For more information, visit the NCDOI website at or call 855-408-1212.

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