Thursday, December 16, 2021

Concord woman, who claimed vehicle was stolen, charged with insurance fraud

Dec 16, 2021

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey today announced that Erica Keyona Forrest, 41, of 86 Ring Ave. Southwest, Concord, was charged with insurance fraud and attempting to obtain property by false pretense, both felonies. She was also charged with a misdemeanor count of insurance application fraud.

Special Agents with the Department of Insurance’s Criminal Investigations Division accuse Forrest of attempting to obtain money from Integon General Insurance Corp. by indicating in a claim that her vehicle was stolen when she knew her boyfriend had wrecked the vehicle.

In addition, the criminal summons says, Forrest made a false statement in her insurance application stating she had listed all the drivers on the application, knowing she had failed to list her boyfriend who primarily drove the vehicle. The omission saved her approximately $339 in yearly premiums, according to the criminal summons.

The offenses occurred between Sept. 25 and Nov. 16.

Forrest was served with a criminal summons on Dec. 10.

“Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime; we all pay for it through higher insurance premiums,” said Commissioner Causey. “Help us keep insurance premiums low by reporting suspected fraud.”

If you suspect insurance fraud or other white-collar crimes, please report it. You may report fraud anonymously by calling the N.C. Department of Insurance Criminal Investigations Division at 919-807-6840. Information is also available at

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