Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Commissioner Causey warns of door-to-door scammers posing as DOI agents The Department of Insurance does not sell insurance, the Commissioner said

May 22, 2024

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey is cautioning North Carolinians to be on the lookout for door-to-door salesmen posing as agents with the N.C. Department of Insurance who seek to sell fake insurance to unsuspecting consumers.

Agents with the department’s Criminal Investigations Division have been informed of at least two recent instances of this type of activity and are currently investigating the complaints. This is the fourth time since 2020 that there have been reports of NCDOI imposter agents acting as salesmen.

Some scammers may present a business card with a logo of the department on it. The department does not sell insurance.

“If anyone approaches or calls you stating they are selling insurance and are with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, this is obviously a scam,” Commissioner Causey said. “These impersonators are trying to scare or intimidate consumers into purchasing fraudulent insurance. Our Criminal Investigations Division will work with other partnership law enforcement agencies to pursue and root out this type of activity by seeking maximum charges.”

Similarly, if a representative shows up claiming to be from Medicare and asking for your Social Security number, this is another sign of a scam.

If anyone has information regarding imposters posing as NCDOI representatives, you can report it by calling 919.807.6840 or 888.680.7684.

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