Life and Health Contacts

Contact Information:

Physical Address:

3200 Beechleaf Court
Raleigh NC 27604

Mailing Address:

NC Department of Insurance
Life & Health
1201 Mail Service Center
Raleigh NC 27699-1201

Life and Health Division fax number: 919-715-3547  

Life and Health Division email address:

Name Title Area of Responsibility Email Address Phone Number
Ted Hamby Deputy Commissioner of Life and Health Division Directs and monitors insurance laws pertaining to life and health insurance, policy form and rate approval and operational efficiencies 919-807-6056
Patricia (Pat) Lee Assistant Regulatory Director Health Care Reform and PPO Operational Filings; Managed Care Special Projects 919-807-6066
Rebecca C. Hill Insurance Regulatory Manager Life, Annuities, Charitable Gift Annuities, TPA & Pharmacy Manager Registration and Licensing, Student Health Plans, Excess Loss Plans, Viatical Settlements, Associations Questions, and Excepted Health Benefits Insurance 919-807-6060
Becky Thornton Insurance Regulatory Manager Health Care Reform, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Select, Long-Term Care, Managed Care Questions, and MEWA Licensing. Managed Care Expansions 919-807-6061
Avonya Matthews Administrative Assistant Provides administrative support to the Life & Health Division, and TPA ShareFile Questions 919-807-6057
Cara Shackelford Senior Policy & Rate Analyst Life Insurance, Annuities, Credit Life and Disability, Charitable Gift Annuities, Life Illustrations, Assumptions, Adverse Underwriting Notices, and Name Changes 919-807-6064
MaryJo Wegenast Senior Policy & Rate Analyst General Health Insurance Questions, Health Care Reform, LTC Form Filings, LTC Annual Rate Certifications, Small & Large Group Rates, Individual Major Medical Rates, and Dental Rates 919-807-6065
Angie Booker Senior Policy & Rate Analyst General Health Insurance Questions, Health Care Reform 919-807-6071
Paula Lucas Policy & Rate Analyst Medicare Supplements, Medicare Select, Medicare Supplement Rates & other Excepted Health Benefit Rates, Medicare Supplement Reporting, Dental, Vision, Retiree Supplemental Coverage, MEWA License Renewal, MEWA Management Agreements and MEWA Rates, and Advertisement Questions 919-807-6067
Brie Bailey Policy & Rate Analyst General Health Insurance Questions 919-807-6070
Mary Sanders Policy & Rate Analyst General Health Insurance Questions 919-807-6056

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