Financial Analysis

The Financial Analysis Section of the Financial Analysis & Receivership Division is primarily responsible for the continuous monitoring, through financial analysis, of all insurers authorized to transact business in North Carolina. Upon the identification of issues, the Section is responsible for taking timely and appropriate action to protect the interests of North Carolina insurance consumers.

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Reporting Guidance

TO:         North Carolina Domestic Insurers & Self-Insured Funds

RE:          March 31, 2020, Quarterly Statement Filings


As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the North Carolina Department of Insurance (the “Department”) will accept electronic copies of the March 31, 2020, Quarterly Statement and supplemental filings, which is due May 15, 2020.  This will include the acceptance of electronic signatures on the items that have an original signature requirement (i.e. the Jurat Page).


The electronic filings may be sent to:


At such time as insurers are able, the Department requires that paper copies of the March 31, 2020, Quarterly Statement, with original signatures, be sent to the Department as indicated on the filing checklists that can be found at