In preparation for another hurricane season and the memories of last year’s catastrophic storms lingering in the minds of many North Carolina consumers and responders, now is the time to get prepared.

Specifically, adjusters coming into our state should be aware of North Carolina policy provisions and statutory language that can make an impact on coverage in the event of a hurricane or named storm loss. This catastrophic course will familiarize adjusters with North Carolina key issues and challenges that may affect coverage and how to address them to achieve the best coverage solution for the North Carolina consumers.

The Commissioner Catastrophe Statute of Authority

NCGS 58-33-70.  Special provisions for adjusters and motor vehicle damage appraisers.

(e) The Commissioner may permit an experienced adjuster, who regularly adjusts in another state and who is licensed in the other state (if that state requires a license), to act as an adjuster in this State without a North Carolina license only for an insurance company authorized to do business in this State, for emergency insurance adjustment work, for a period to be determined by the Commissioner.

All adjusters submitted must complete the Catastrophe Adjuster Certification Course and meet the other requirements of NCGS § 58-33-70.

Two (2) hours of North Carolina continuing education credit is being offered. To pass course, the adjuster must score 70% or higher on the end-of-course quiz. A course completion certificate will be issued.

Instructions for Submitting Emergency Adjusters or Appraisers for Catastrophic Events

  1. Using the provided Excel spreadsheet, submit lists of the emergency adjusters to
  2. Indicate in the email the name of the storm the adjusters will be working claims. This is important if we have more than one named storm in a year.
  3. Indicate on the spreadsheet which company or group the list of adjusters will be  representing.
  4. Companies must be authorized to do business in NC. This includes all admitted carriers and non-admitted carriers on the Department's list of  "authorized" surplus lines carriers.
  5. Submit a separate email for each carrier or group, even if the list is the same for each. This makes it easier for the Department to organize and search if needed.
  6. If additional adjusters are added, you should repeat the submission process. Use either an additional list or an updated list.

Adjusters are not accepted until the Department responds to your submission. Lists that are not properly completed will be returned and adjusters will not be considered accepted.

Download Emergency Adjuster/Appraiser Submission Form

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