Pre-Licensing Education Providers

The North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) Agent Services Division reviews and approves all Pre-Licensing (PLE) School applications. Once a school is approved, it is added to the listing of approved PLE Schools that is posted on the North Carolina page of Pearson Vue’s website, (Pearson Vue is the test vendor for the licensing examinations.)

There are two types of PLE School listings:

Pre-Licensing Provider Reports to the Department

Providers should notify the Agent Services Division of changes to the following:

  • Program Director
  • E-mail Address
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Website Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Physical Location Address
  • Types of PLE offered
  • Withdrawal from Offering NC PLE
  • Method of Instruction

Methods to Submit Updates:

E-mail to (preferred method).

Fax to 919-715-3794

Mail to:

NCDOI-Agent Services Division
1204 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1204

The Agent Services Division will update the PLE School listing and forward to Pearson VUE for posting on the website.

Rules and Regulations

North Carolina General Statute

NCGS 58-33-132 - Qualifications of instructors

North Carolina Administrative Code




11 NCAC 06A .0704 - COURSES



Customized Mailing List Generator FAQs (SBS Report Generator)

Tab/Accordion Items

The illustration below is a partial sample result set from Report Generator, opened using Microsoft® Excel. The report is delivered in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format that can be opened and manipulated using a variety of software applications; however, Microsoft® Excel is the optimal choice. The entire result set is too wide to fit this page. The fields (column headings) displayed on all reports are:

LICENSE_NUM: License Number for the Individual or Business Entity producer.
NPN: National Producer Number (displays for Individual producers only).
FIRST_NAME: First name of the Individual producer.
MIDDLE_NAME: Middle name of the Individual producer.
LAST_NAME: Last name of the Individual producer.
SUFFIX: Suffix of the Individual producer (Jr. or Sr., for example).
BUSINESS_ENTITY_NAME: Name of the Business Entity.
FEIN: Federal Employer Identification Number (displays for Business Entities only).
LICENSE_TYPE: Type of license held by the producer (adjuster or producer, for example).
LINE_OF_AUTHORITY: Lines of authority granted the producer by the selected state.
LICENSE_STATUS: Status of the producer's license (active or expired, for example).
FIRST_ACTIVE_DATE: Date that this license first became active in the selected state.
EFFECTIVE_DATE: Date the producer's license most recently became active.
EXPIRATION_DATE: Date the active producer's license will expire unless renewed.
DOMICILESTATE: State in which the producer resides.
IS_RESIDENT: The producer resides in the selected state.
7 fields for producer's Mailing Address
7 fields for producer's Business Address
BUSINESS_PHONE: The producer's business telephone number.
BUSINESS_EMAIL: The producer's business e-mail address.
CE_COMPLIANCE: Displays a Y/N (Yes/No) indicating producer's CE compliance for next license renewal.

Sample Report:

ADD PICTURE Here dont you know

The purchase price for the generated report/resulting data set is $.02 per row (record) returned from the query based on the user-selected criteria, with a minimum charge of $10.00 per report. Reports greater than $10.00 must be calculated in even dollar amounts, so if your report contains an uneven number of records, the price will simply be rounded down a penny. From the Search Criteria for Report Generator page, select the desired criteria by which to pull the data. Click the Continue button. The report query then runs and refreshes the page. Now displayed are the report fields available along with the input or selected criteria. Below the criteria, a Report Summary table displays with the number of records (rows) generated from the criteria, the cost per row, and the total cost for this report.

Once you have examined the report summary table and decide to purchase this report/data set, read the Terms and Conditions, and check the box indicating that you agree to them.

Click the Continue button.

On the Fee Summary page, verify that the fee is correct as stated, and then click the Credit Card Details button to input your credit card payment information. When finished entering payment information, click the Process button. A credit card details confirmation page displays with the information you've just input. Click the Process button again to place the order, or click the Back button to return to the Credit Card Details page for needed additions/corrections.

Once payment is successfully made, a confirmation page displays. You can download the report directly from this page by clicking the "Download your report" button. A file download dialog box opens with the options to open or save the file. Click the Save button to save the file to your computer.

It is highly recommended that you also print this page for your records. Along with the payment details, there is also the PIN Number, and Transaction Number (sample below).

PIN Number: 6zHmmK
Transaction Number: 34yVRa

These six-character codes allow you to retrieve this report at a later time should it be necessary to do so. Simply go to the first screen for Report Generator, then click the button labeled "Retrieve Existing Report" in the header. Input the PIN and the Transaction ID, and then click continue to retrieve the report again. The report is available for about thirty (30) days from the transaction date.

The comma-separated values (CSV) file format is a set of file formats used to store tabular data in which numbers and text are stored in plain textual form that can be read in a text editor. Lines in the text file represent rows of a table, and commas in a line separate what are fields in the table's row.

CSV is a simple file format that is widely supported, so it is often used to move tabular data between different computer programs that support compatible CSV formats. For example: a CSV file might be used to transfer information from a database program to a spreadsheet.