Company Appointment Renewal Process


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Company appointment renewal fees for the 2024-2025 license period are all due by March 31, 2024.

Company appointment renewal fees are due through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) for Producer (all six major lines of authority licenses), Auto Physical Damage, Medicare Supplement/Long Term Care, Limited Representatives, Title Insurance, Credit Agent, and County Farm Mutual Agent appointments. There are NO company appointment renewal fees due through State Based Systems (SBS) or paid directly to Agent Services Division. Adjusters and Hail adjusters  pay their license fee directly through the NIPR license renewal process instead of the companies being billed for an appointment.

Invoices will be available for payment on February 3, 2024 at 9 am CST. All appointments that should not be renewed must be terminated on or before January 22, 2024.

Insurance and County Farm Mutual Companies should follow the steps below to make payment beginning February 3, 2024 when the electronic invoices are on the NIPR website:

  • Go to
  • Follow the links to company appointment renewals and sign-in using their company identifiers: company CoCode, FEIN, and/or company name.
  • Enter the necessary identifying information
  • Print/Pay the Invoice
  • View the detail report of appointment renewals
  • Print the Report *
  • Download the Report as text (delimited)
  • Download the Report as XML.
  • Help screens and NIPR Customer Support are available to guide through the process.

Companies must pay the appointment renewal bill using one of the electronic payment options made available by NIPR – credit card or electronic check. Administrative fees are charged by NIPR for electronic processing.

The NIPR company invoices must be paid in full and no adjustments are permitted. The Agent Services Division accounting section will research any discrepancies after the company appointment renewal bill is paid in full.

The detailed list of all appointments renewed with payment of the invoice pursuant to NCAC 6A.0501 (d) is immediately available by selecting the “Print Renewals” option when viewing and paying the company invoice through the NIPR website. The Department will have fulfilled the requirement of making the list available to companies through this NIPR option. If companies fail to produce the list after payment, they will be required to pay for a company list by using the Licensee Mailing List Order Form.

No, all insurance companies and county farm mutual companies are required to pay appointment renewal bills through NIPR pursuant to the requirements of 11 NCAC 06A.0501.

Appointment renewal invoices will be available on the NIPR website through 3:00 PM CDT May 14, 2024.

All company appointments will be cancelled for companies that fail to pay their annual appointment renewal invoice. The company will be required to pay any outstanding invoices and pay the appropriate appointment fees to electronically re-appoint agents to the company. Agent Services Division will notify the Market Regulation Division and the Financial Evaluation Division of any insurance company non-compliance with payment of invoices.

If a company has a specific question regarding their appointment renewal invoice that is not addressed in these FAQs, they should contact Agent Services Division at (919) 807-6800.