Shopping for Annuities

Because most insurance companies and many agents advertise, you will likely be able to find quite a bit of initial information about companies that sell annuities.

The vast majority of insurance agents are reputable professionals who are well trained in their area of expertise. Insurance companies and agents must be licensed to sell life insurance (including annuities) in North Carolina. Choose one with whom you feel comfortable and who will thoroughly answer your questions. To verify that an agent is licensed, contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance’s Agent Services Division at  919-807-6800. To verify that a company is properly licensed, you may contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance, Consumer Services Division at toll-free 855-408-1212.

If you are considering the purchase of a variable annuity, the agent must also be licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to sell such products, and you should receive a prospectus describing the variable annuity that you are considering.