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Filing Forms We are still accepting filings in the conventional fashion – paper and e-mail (NC NoPaper via P&; however, they are being converting to serff paper filings and uploading directly into serff. This change means you will no longer see a State Tracking number assigned, but instead, will see a serff tracking number. All communications will now be conducted via e-mail.

Serff also offers filers a Trade Secret filing feature.

Non-Public - Paper or E-Mail submissions – Only trade secret materials properly prepared and submitted will be accepted for review. Please review our filing instruction before making your submissions at: Filing Instructions

Follow the Public Record filing steps. Complete the transmittal reference line and body of your Email to CLEARLY designate that a portion of the filing is TRADE SECRET information. The failure to designate material as "confidential" or "trade secret" when it is initially filed is a patent failure to meet the criteria of NCGS 132-1.2. A properly submitted electronic filing will be separated into two distinctly separate parts. Labeled and attached to a single transmittal Email:

  • Part 1: Trade Secret
  • Part 2: Public Record

An Email filing that is not in the prescribed filing format shall be rejected and returned to the filer.