TPA Registration

TPA Registration Application - Both Initial and Renewal

Submit TPA Registration application to or electronically through Citrix ShareFile.

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Registration Application Forms Renewal Notices

Renewal Notices

Notices of upcoming renewals are sent by the Department approximately 45 days prior to the expiration of the current registration. The TPA must maintain a current active email account to which the Renewal Notice will
be sent. If an individual’s email
is used,
we must be notified within 10 business days of a change to that email,
pursuant to

All TPA information in our files are confidential,
pursuant to NCGS 58-56-51, therefore;
a third-party filer should not be used for the renewal contact.

NCGGS 58-56-51(
f) requires the TPA to provide a letter annually verifying their status. 

This annual letter must include the company's FEIN number and provide a current email address.   It must also state if there has been a change in contact person or president of the TPA or company address
.  It may 
be sent electronically to