Third Party Administrator (TPA) Licensing

A Third Party Administrator or TPA, as defined by NCGS 58-56-2(5) is "a person who directly or indirectly solicits or effects coverage of, underwrites, collects charges or premiums from, or adjusts or settles claims on residents of this State, or residents of another state from offices in this State, in connection with life or health insurance or annuities”. 

Licensing Forms and Instructions   

TPA Licensing

TPA Registration

A person is not to required be licensed as a TPA in this state if the person provides services exclusively to one or more bona fide employee benefit plans established by an employer for which the insurance laws of this State are preempted pursuant to ERISA. If not required to be licensed, a person shall register as a TPA with the Commissioner annually, verifying their status.  A person who administers an Employers Section 125 Flexible Spending Account, Health Reimbursement Account, or Health Savings Account must also register as a TPA.

Link for TPA Registration exemption from TPA License:  NCGS 58-56-51(f)

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Directory of Licensed and Registered TPA's