Captive Regulatory Team

This is an exciting time in North Carolina as we continue to grow the captive industry in our state. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you. If you are interested in forming a captive insurer in North Carolina or if you have any questions about captive insurance, please feel free to contact a member of our dedicated team.


Physical Address / Overnight Express

North Carolina Department of Insurance
Captive Insurance Companies Division
3200 Beechleaf Ct.
Raleigh NC 27604

Mailing Address

North Carolina Department of Insurance
Captive Insurance Companies Division
1203 Mail Service Center
Raleigh NC 27699-1203

Team Members

Name Title Phone Email
Jackie Obusek, CPA Chief Deputy Commissioner 919-807-6166
Sharon Holt Executive Assistant 919-807-6144
Lori Gorman, CPA, FLMI Deputy Commissioner 919-807-6165
Nancy Staples Captive Insurance Administrator 919-807-6180


Captive Insurance Companies (Non RRG)

Name Title Phone Email
Joseph Rosenberger Chief Captive Analyst 919-807-6191
Eileen Culliney, CPA Supervising Financial Analyst 919-807-6615
Jason Holley Senior Captive Financial Analyst 919-807-6190
Rob Armbruster Senior Captive Financial Analyst 919-807-6192
Chris Ritchie Captive Financial Analyst 919-807-6158
Amanda Strickland Captive Financial Analyst 919-807-6181
Kevin Yang Captive Financial Analyst 919-807-6153


Risk Retention Groups

Name Title Phone Email
Tuba Geredelioglu, CPA, PIR RRG Manager 919-807-6163
Steven Holmberg Senior Financial Analyst 919-807-6151
Maxwell Sylvestre Financial Analyst 919-807-6601