Driving for a Transportation Network or Delivery Network Company


Do you drive for a transportation network or a delivery network company?

When it comes to auto insurance for rideshare driving (Uber, Lyft, etc.), or a delivery network platform (Uber Eats, GrubHub, Door Dash, Instacart, Amazon Flex, etc.), the most important thing you need to know is that personal auto insurance policies do not cover you or your vehicle for the ownership or operation of a vehicle while it is being used as a public livery or conveyance. This includes but is not limited to any period of time that the insured is logged into a transportation network platform as a driver, whether or not a passenger is occupying the vehicle. This also includes delivering goods for any delivery network platform.

If you use your vehicle to drive for a transportation network company or delivery network company, it is important to disclose this information to your insurance company so you can ensure you are properly covered. Not disclosing this information to your insurance company may lead to denial of potential claims that may arise and jeopardize any voluntary coverage the company may offer you, such as collision, comprehensive, towing, etc.

Some insurance companies may offer endorsements or different types of automobile policies to provide the needed coverage when driving for a transportation network company. Talk with your agent or insurance company to make sure you are adequately covered under your auto insurance policy. In addition to notifying your own insurance company, you may also want to speak with the transportation network or delivery company you drive for as they may also offer certain additional insurance coverages.


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