Continuing Education for Bail Bondsmen

Continuing Education Requirements

Each year, every bail bond licensee shall complete at least three hours of continuing education in subjects related to the duties and responsibilities of a runner or bail bondsman before the renewal of the license on June 30 every year. The continuing education year for bail bond licensees is July 1 to June 30.

A person who receives his first license on or after January 1 of any year does not have complete continuing education until the next renewal period. 

Failure to Complete Continuing Education

If the bail bond licensee does not complete the continuing education requirements by June 30 annually, the license(s) will lapse with an effective date of June 30. You will be required to re-apply as if you never held a license(s). This process involves the following:

  • Complete the prelicensing education course.
  • Submit a complete application with fee, affidavits, and electronically submit fingerprints.
  • Pass the state examination.

Approved Continuing Education Providers

Exemptions to Continuing Education Requirements

A licensed runner or bail bondsman who is 65 years of age or older and who has been licensed as a runner or bail bondsman for 15 years or more is exempt from both the prelicensing education and continuing education requirements. Complete the CE Exemption Application and submit it to