Required Professional Bail Bond Reporting

Each professional bail bondsman is required to file with the Commissioner a written report regarding all bail bonds on which the bondsman is liable as of the first day of each month pursuant to North Carolina G.S. 58-71-165(a). The monthly report shall be filed on or before the fifteenth day of each month. Professional bail bond reports are required to be filed electronically pursuant to 11 NCAC 13.0521. There is no state fee due to the North Carolina Department of Insurance for filing a professional bail bond monthly report. The electronic filing service is provided by State Based Systems (SBS) through SBS Connect service. SBS charges administrative fees for each monthly report filing transaction. These fees are paid directly to SBS by credit card, debit card, PayPal or electronic check when the monthly report is electronically submitted. The fees associated with electronic filing are the responsibility of the licensee pursuant to North Carolina G.S. 58-2-250.

SBS Connect is an online service provided by NAIC’s (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) State Based Systems. SBS Connect will guide the licensee through the process of setting up a free account and establishing a password. After the licensee is enrolled with SBS Connect, it is quick and easy to click the “Bail Bonds Filing” option.

The first time that you use SBS Connect to submit your bail bond monthly report electronically, you must first create your own personal SBS Connect account and link it to your license by entering your National Producer Number (NPN). The NPN is your NC license number. Follow these instructions to set up your SBS Connect account.

Once you are signed up with SBS Connect, you can login in with your SBS Connect Login ID and password and you will be allowed to select Bail Bonds Filing and submit your monthly report:

Login in to SBS Connect here and follow either the detailed instructions (includes screen prints) or the quick reference instructions to submit your monthly report:

Please review some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) which might clarify questions you might have related to filing your professional bail bond monthly report.

In order to submit your monthly report electronically, it must be available on your computer as an electronic file. The submitter will need to upload the original file format, not PDF. Professional Bail Bond Monthly Reports are available in Microsoft Excel format and is attached below under associated files.

If a professional bail bondsman uses a different monthly report file type other than those provided by the Department, the bail bond monthly report should be converted to a Microsoft Excel file prior to submission. All submitted electronic monthly report file types must be Microsoft Excel format otherwise, they will not be accepted by the Department. No PDF files will be accepted.