Foreign Insurance Companies

Filing an Expansion Application

The North Carolina Department of Insurance accepts the "Uniform Certificate of Authority Application" from companies seeking a certificate of authority to write the business of insurance in North Carolina. The "Uniform Certificate of Authority Application" for "Expansion" allows foreign insurers to file copies of the same application for admission in numerous states. Instructions to complete the forms are included with each form. This application can be accessed at

In addition, foreign insurers must comply with the requirements of Chapter 58, Article 16 and North Carolina General Statute 58-7-198 and:

Type of Company Statutory Deposit Minimum Statutory Reference
Foreign fire and/or marine $100,000 NCGS § 58-5-5
Foreign fidelity, surety and casualty $200,000 NCGS § 58-5-10
Foreign life insurance $400,000 NCGS § 58-5-50

Questions about expansion applications can be directed to:

Scott Wicker 
Company Admissions Manager 

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

In addition to the "Uniform Certificate of Authority Application" accessed at, please refer to Chapter 58, Article 67 (Health Maintenance Organization Act) and for additional licensing requirements. (NCGS § 58-67-10 and NCGS §58-67-11)

Filing a Corporate Amendments Application

Foreign insurers requesting to amend their certificate of authority in North Carolina, such as adding or deleting lines of business, should complete a "Uniform Certificate of Authority Application" for "Corporate Amendments" as accessed at

Questions about corporate amendments applications can be directed to:

Line of Business or Licensed Status Changes 
Joe Greene 
Assistant Chief Financial Analyst 

Other Corporate Amendments

Annual License Renewal

Every foreign insurer must submit a license update form and pay a nonrefundable renewal fee by March 1 each year in order to retain its certificate of authority. To pay renewal fees electronically, use the Electronic Payment Option.