Consumer Tips

Read Your Policy

Read your policy and make sure that it lists all coverages you have requested.  Know exactly what your policy does and does not cover.

Know the Name of Your Insurance Company

Know the name of the insurance company that wrote your policy.  The name of your company can often be different from that of your agent or agency.  This information is found on your policy.

Paying Your Premium

Pay your premium in full.  Also, pay on or before the due date to avoid the risk of cancellation.  There is NO GRACE PERIOD for homeowner insurance.  Use a check, money order or have it set up for electronic debit from your account.  If you use cash, request a receipt and keep it in a safe place.  Pay your premium even if you disagree with your insurance company.  Failure to make premium payments may cause cancellation of your policy.

Speak Up

If you do not understand your policy, ask your agent to clarify!   Remember, you are protecting your biggest investment and your family!

Home Inventory

Keep a running inventory of your belongings!  Add new items as you obtain them and remove those you no longer own.  Be sure to include the serial/model numbers of electronics, appliances, and equipment (tools, lawn mowers, etc.).