What to Ask Your Agent? 

Below are a few important questions that everyone should ask their agent when purchasing homeowners insurance:

  1. Do I have enough insurance to rebuild my home if it is destroyed?

  2. Do I need flood and earthquake insurance?  What would be the cost?

  3. Does this policy cover water damage, including damage from sewer, drain or sump pump backup?

  1. Do I have enough coverage to replace all of my belongings?

  1. Should I increase my coverage limits over time to cover updates that I make to my home?

  1. Am I eligible for any discounts?

  1. Are there any improvements that I can make to lower my premium?

  1. If something happens, how do I file a claim?

  1. How do deductibles work with my policy?

  1.  Am I protected if someone gets hurt on my property?

  1.  Can I buy extra coverage for liability?

  1. What is excluded in my policy?