Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

Whether you own or rent, there are different packages of home insurance offered to protect your home and belongings. Homeowners policies apply to most owner-occupied single-family dwellings and is modified slightly for apartments and condominiums.

Homeowners insurance coverage can cover your Dwelling, Other Structures, Personal Property, Loss of Use, Personal Liability and Medical Payments to Others.

Your Home Is Valuable to You!

Homeowners insurance protects you from the unexpected burden of paying to rebuild your home should you suffer a loss or a disaster strikes.  Should something happen to your home, are you financially capable of replacing it?  Insurance can help you during such unpredictable events.

Did you know that homeowner insurance can also protect you from:

  • Vandalism/Theft to your home
  • Lawsuits against you or your family members
  • Damage or injury your pets cause to others

Tips to Remember:

  • Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood, earthquakes, mudslides, mudflow or landslides! Talk with your agent about obtaining coverage for these losses.
  • Maintain an inventory of your home and keep receipts.  Take a picture of item and receipt and keep it in a folder in your email.  If you keep it on your computer/phone and either are lost or destroyed during disaster, then you have lost your information.  Your email can be accessed at a public/family member’s computer.
  • As renovations are made to your home, update your agent to ensure that it is noted on your policy. Renovations can include installation of fences or storage sheds.
  • Shop around for the best price. Prices may vary from company to company, due to differences between underwriting.
  • Check with NCDOI to make sure the company is licensed.